Issue No.         :           1

            Issue Date        :           May 2009

Project No.      :           768




Joint User Complex and Wholesale Fish Market at Area 44, Tuen Mun



Third Quarterly Environmental Monitoring & Audit Report

(February 2009 – April 2009)




Prepared By:


Allied Environmental Consultants Ltd.









Issue No.           :           1

Issue Date         :           May 2009

Project No.       :           768




Joint User Complex and Wholesale Fish Market at Area 44, Tuen Mun



Third Quarterly Environmental Monitoring & Audit Report

(February 2009 – April 2009)




Prepared By:


Allied Environmental Consultants Ltd.









                                                Nic Lam






Checked:                                                                                Approved:                                                            

Claudine Lee                                                                      Grace Kwok

MSc MHKIEIA MHKIOA                                                     BEng(Hons) MHKIEIA MHKIOA

                                                                                              MISWA MIAIA MRAPA LEED AP




This report has been prepared by Allied Environmental Consultants Limited with all reasonable skill, care and diligence within the terms of the Agreement with the client, incorporating our General Terms and Conditions of Business and taking account of the resources devoted to it by agreement with the client.


We disclaim any responsibility to the client and others in respect of any matters outside the scope of the above.


This report is confidential to the client and we accept no responsibility of whatsoever nature to third parties to whom this report, or any part thereof, is made known.  Any such party relies upon the report at their own risk.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents                                                                                                                                                                    i

List of Tables                                                                                                                                                                          ii

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List of Appendices                                                                                                                                                                 ii

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                                                                                                                                      1

1.    PROJECT BACKGROUND                                                                                                                                        2

1.1      Project Organization and Contact Personnel                                                                                                    2

2.    SENSITIVE RECEIVERS                                                                                                                                             3

3.    SUMMARY OF EM&A REQUIREMENT                                                                                                                  3

4.    MONITORING METHODOLOGY                                                                                                                            5

4.1      Monitoring Programme                                                                                                                                        5

4.2      Air Quality Monitoring                                                                                                                                        5

4.3      Noise Monitoring                                                                                                                                                  5

5.    RESULTS                                                                                                                                                                       6

5.1.      Air Quality                                                                                                                                                              6

5.2.      Noise                                                                                                                                                                       6

5.3        Weather Conitions                                                                                                                                                6

6.    SITE INSPECTION & AUDIT                                                                                                                                    7

7.    Non-compliance, Complaints, Notifications of Summons and Successful Prosecutions           7

8.    OTHERS                                                                                                                                                                         7

9.    RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONCLUSIONS                                                                                                     8

9.1.      Recommendations                                                                                                                                                 8

9.2.      Conclusions                                                                                                                                                           8


List of Tables


Table 1             Contact Details of Key Personnel

Table 2 Action and Limit Level for Air Quality Impact Monitoring at Yuet Wu Villa

Table 3 Action and Limit Levels for Construction Noise Impact Monitoring

Table 4 Event Action Plan

Table 5 Noise Monitoring Equipment

Table 6 Summary of Weather Conditions during the Monitoring Period


List of Figures


Figure 1            Site Location Plan

Figure 2            Location of Air Quality Monitoring Station

Figure 3            Location of Noise Monitoring Station

Figure 4            Photos of Air Quality Monitoring Station

Figure 5            Photos of Noise Monitoring Station

Figure 6            Photos of Construction Site for Junior Police Officers' Married Quarters


List of Appendices


Appendix A      Calibration Record of High-Volume TSP Sampler

Appendix B      Calibration Certification of the Sound Level Meter and Calibrator

Appendix C      Summary and Graphical Plot of 1-Hour TSP Monitoring Record

Appendix D      Summary and Graphical Plot of 24-Hour TSP Monitoring Record

Appendix E      Summary and Graphical Plot of Noise Monitoring Record

Appendix F      Wind Record from Hong Kong Observatory

Appendix G      Mitigation Measures Implementation Schedule for Construction Stage






Allied Environmental Consultants Limited (AEC) has been appointed to conduct an environmental monitoring and audit (EM&A) program for the proposed Joint User Complex and Wholesale Fish Market at Area 44, Tuen Mun. The construction works was commenced on 31st July 2008. This report is the second quarterly EM&A report, which summarizes the environmental monitoring and audit results recorded during the period from 1st February 2009 to 30th April 2009.


Based on the monitoring results, the air quality and construction noise level complied with the environmental requirements in EM&A Manual. There were no environmental complaints received in this quarter.  No notification of summons or prosecution was received.


Construction activities undertaken from February 2009 to April 2009 included jack piling, underground foundation works, drainage diversion, ELS and pile cap construction, underground building services, ELS and concrete footing for tower crane and ground floor superstructure. Potential environmental impacts include dust generation from stockpiles of dusty materials, the drainage diversion work the superstructure and the underground building services; noise from operation of the equipments and jack piling; runoff from underground building services and the storage of various C&D and chemical wastes. The Contractor should properly implement the required environmental mitigation measures as per the implementation schedule in the EM&A manual to ensure no significant adverse environmental impacts to be arisen from the construction works. The Contractor was reminded to maintain good housekeeping throughout the construction phase.






A Joint User Complex and Wholesale Fish Market (WFM Complex) at Area 44 in Tuen Mun is proposed to be designed and built by Architectural Services Department on behalf of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Marine Department, and Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of the Hong Kong SAR. The WFM Complex is to provide a permanent site for the relocation of the existing temporary wholesale fish market at Tuen Mun Area 27 and to accommodate a community hall and dragon boat racing spectator stand for public use. The proposed development is a 3-storey complex to accommodate the wholesale fish market at the ground floor, a community hall on the first and second floors, and an extensive landscaped deck on roof level. The proposed Wholesale Fish Market is categorized as a designated project under the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance (EIAO) and therefore a detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA-085/2002) has been conducted in year 2002 and an Environmental Permit (EP-296/2007) was issued by Environmental Protection Department in December 2007.


The subject site is located at Castle Peak Bay of Tuen Mun given in Figure 1. The subject site is bounded to the north by a future local open space presently used as a temporary car park, to the east by Castle Peak Bay typhoon shelter, to the south by a future lorry park and to the west by Wu Shan Road. Yuet Wu Villa being the nearest residential establishment is located at around 85m from the site boundary.


1.1       Project Organization and Contact Personnel


Key personnel and contact particulars are summarized in Table 1.


Table 1            Contact Details of Key Personnel



Department / Company


Contact Number

Fax Number

Lead User Department

Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department

Mr. K.H. Chan

Ms. Louise Li

2150 7092

2150 7104

2314 2866


Environmental Permit Holder

Architecture Services Department

Mr. S.W. Chow

Ms. Susana Chan

2867 3716

2867 3706

2523 9622



P&T Architects and Engineers Ltd.

Ms. Sarah Ng

Ms. Vivian Law

2835 3548

2832 3046

2891 3834


Main Contractor

W. Hing Construction Co. Ltd.

Mr. Andy Chan

Mr. Jim Lee

9630 7404

6105 4076

8343 9188

Environmental Team Leader

Allied Environmental Consultants Ltd.

Ms. Grace Kwok

2815 7028

2815 5399

Independent Environmental Checker

Cinotech Consultants Ltd.

Mr. Alex Ngai

2151 2083

3107 1388







Air Sensitive Receivers (ASRs) within 500m include Yuet Wu Villa, Lawn Bowling Field, Tennis Court, which are less than 100m away from the subject site. Tuen Mun Wu Hong Clinic is located to the west at about 100m to the site boundary. Two secondary schools, namely Ka Chi Secondary School and South Tuen Mun Government Secondary School, are approximately 300m to the south of the site boundary.


Noise Sensitive Receivers (NSRs) within 300m are Yuet Wu Villa, Siu Hei Court, Yan Chai Hospital Low Chan Chor Si Primary School and Wu King Estate. The nearest NSR will be Block 15 of Yuet Wu Villa.




For regular impact monitoring, the sampling frequency of at least once in every six-days, shall be strictly observed at the monitoring station for 24-hr TSP monitoring. For 1-hr TSP monitoring, the sampling frequency of at least three times in every six-days should be undertaken when the highest dust impact occurs. For noise monitoring, one set of measurement between 0700-1900 hours on normal weekdays. Leq(30 min) shall be used as the monitoring parameter. 


From baseline monitoring results, the proposed Action and Limit Levels for air quality are summarized in Table 2. The average baseline 1-hr TSP value of 129μg/m3 and 24-hr TSP value of 65μg/m3 measured at Block 15, Yuet Wu Villa was used to determine the action and limit level for air quality impact monitoring. The proposed Action and Limit Levels for construction noise are summarized in Table 3.


Table 2            Action and Limit Level for Air Quality Impact Monitoring at Yuet Wu                              Villa



Baseline Level (μg/m3)

Action Level (μg/m3)

Limit Level (μg/m3)

24 Hour TSP Level




1 Hour TSP Level





Table 3            Action and Limit Levels for Construction Noise Impact Monitoring


Time Period

Action Level

 Limit Level

Daytime (0700-1900 hours) on weekdays

When one documented compliant is received

Dwelling 75dB(A)1

School 70dB(A)1

(65dB(A) during examinations)1

1900-2300 on any day and 0700-2300 on Sunday and general holidays, for use of PME2

When one documented compliant is received


All days during the night-time (2300-0700 hours) 2

When one documented compliant is received


Note: 1. Construction noise criteria stipulated in the TM-EIAO

2. A Construction Noise Permit (CNP) shall be required for the carrying out of the construction work during the restricted hours (1900-2300 on any day and 0700-2300 on Sunday and general holidays, for use of PME; and All days during the night-time (2300-0700 hours))

3. Area sensitivity rating of the monitoring location is “B”.


Should non-compliance of the above Action and Limit levels occurs, the contractor shall undertake corresponding action in accordance with the proposed Event Action Plan given in EM&A Manual. A summarized general Event Action Plan is given in Table 4. Details should be referred to the Event Action Plan in the EM&A Manual.


Table4             Event Action Plan



Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


l  Identify source

l  Check monitoring data and working methods

l  Contact project manager to discuss and implement remedial action

l  Rectify any unacceptable practice

l  Amend working methods if appropriate

l  If exceedance continues, commence additional monitoring

l  Notify client/project manager following correct of the situation

l  Cease additional monitoring if exceedance stops


l  Identify source

l  Notify client/project manager

l  Check monitoring data and working methods

l  Repeat measurement to confirm finding

l  Commence additional monitoring

l  Take immediate action to avoid further exceedance

l  Submit proposal for remedial actions to client/project manager within 3 working days

l  Implement the agreed proposal

l  If exceedance continues, amend and resubmit the proposal

l  Notify client/project manager following correction of the situation

l  Cease additional monitoring if exceedance stops



4.1       Monitoring Programme


Air quality monitoring and noise monitoring were conducted at Block 15, Yuet Wu Villa. Air quality monitoring station was set up at the roof top of the residential block and noise monitoring was conducted at 1.2m above ground level at the junction of Wu Sau Street and Wu On Street as given in Figure 2 and 3. Figure 4 and 5 show photos taken during monitoring at the two locations.


A construction site for the proposed Junior Police Officers' Married Quarters is located at Wu Hong Street which is 110m northwest from the monitoring location, which is also a potential major source of the TSP generation. Figure 6 shows the photos of the construction site.


4.2       Air Quality Monitoring


1-hour and 24-hour TSP air quality monitoring was conducted at the designated air quality monitoring location using a High Volume TSP Sampler (Model No: Anderson GMWS-2310 ACCU-VOL) at the designated location. The Calibration Record of the High-Volume TSP Sampler is given in Appendix A. 24-hour TSP samples were taken every six days. 1-hour TSP samples were taken three times a day between 0700-1900 hours.


4.3       Noise Monitoring


Noise monitoring was conducted at the designated noise monitoring location between 0700-1900 hours using a sound level meter which complies with the International Electrotechnical Commission Publications 651:1979 (Type 1) and 804:1985 (Type 1). Noise instrumentation details are given in Table 5 and the Calibration Certificate for the sound level meter and calibrator is given in Appendix B.


Table 5            Noise Monitoring Equipment



Type/Model No.



Model NL 31

Precision Sound Level Analyzer with windshield


Model NC 73



Noise levels measurements were recorded in terms of thirty minutes A-weighted equivalent continuous sound pressure level (Leq(30min)) on a weekly basis. The sound level meter was calibrated immediately prior to and following each noise measurement. The meter was mounted on a tripod at a height of 1.2m and the microphone was positioned at 1m away the building façade of the noise monitoring station facing the construction site.


Noise measurements were not made in the presence of fog, rain, and wind with a steady speed exceeding 5m/s or wind with gusts exceeding 10m/s. The wind speed was checked with a portable anemometer capable of measuring the wind speed in m/s.


5.       RESULTS

5.1.       Air Quality


No exceedance was recorded in this quarter. Summary and graphical plots of air quality monitoring record of 1-hour TSP levels and 24-hour TSP levels are provided in Appendices C and D.


5.2.       Noise


Noise monitoring results in terms of Leq(30min), L10(30min) L90(30min) were measured at the designated noise monitoring location. L10 and L90 represent sound levels that are exceeded 10% and 90% of the time respectively. Normally, L10 measurements can be considered as the average peak levels, whilst L90 levels can be considered as the average background noise levels.


No exceedance was recorded in this quarter. Summary of noise monitoring record is provided in Appendix E.


5.3.       Weather Conditions


Weather data of the monitoring station were obtained from the nearest Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) Tuen Mun automatic weather station located at Tuen Mun Town Park (63 mPD).Table 6 summarizes the wind data during the monitoring dates. Wind record from HKO is shown in Appendix F.


Table 6            Summary of Weather Conditions during the Monitoring Period




Prevailing Wind Direction

Daily Average Wind Speed (m/s)

4 Feb 2009




10 Feb 2009




16 Feb 2009




21 Feb 2009




27 Feb 2009




5 Mar 2009




11 Mar 2009




17 Mar 2009




23 Mar 2009




28 Mar 2009




3 Apr 2009




9 Apr 2009




15 Apr 2009




21 Apr 2009




27 Apr 2009






Weekly site inspections were carried out by representatives of the ET. Thirteen site inspections were conducted on 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th February 2009; 6th, 12th, 20th, 27th March 2009 and 3rd, 9th, 17th, 24th, and 29th April 2009. The environmental condition on site was acceptable. There was a minor exception that the stockpiles were only partially covered during site inspections on 29th April 2009 and it was rectified immediately.


The mitigation measures undertaken by the Contractor are effective in minimizing the environmental impact. However, the Contractor should implement these mitigation measures more effectively in order to prevent causing any adverse environmental impact.


During site inspections in this quarter, no non-conformance of implementation of environmental mitigation measures was identified. All environmental mitigation measures for construction stages stated in the approved EIA Report, EM&A Manual and Environmental Permit shall be carried out throughout the whole construction period as shown in Appendix G.


7.       Non-compliance, Complaints, Notifications of Summons and Successful Prosecutions

In this quarter, no complaints, inspection notices, and notifications of summons or prosecution were received.


8.       OTHERS

10844.76 tonnes of inert C&D waste was disposed at public fill. 21.32 tonnes of waste was disposed to landfill. No chemical waste was transported off site in this quarter.



9.1.       Recommendations


In accordance with the environmental site audits undertaken during the reporting quarter, the following recommendations are made:


·        Stockpiles should be covered properly when no works were being undertaken.


The ET will keep track on the EM&A programme to ensure compliance of environmental requirements and proper implementation of all necessary mitigation measures.


9.2.       Conclusions


Environmental monitoring has been carried out for the proposed Joint User Complex and Wholesale Fish Market at Area 44, Tuen Mun. 1-hour and 24-hour TSP air quality monitoring and noise monitoring was conducted at Block 15, Yuet Wu Villa during the period from 1st February 2009 to 30th April 2009, in accordance with EM&A Manual and the requirement under Environmental Permit (No. EP-296/2007). All monitoring results were checked and reviewed. 45 sets of 1-hour TSP level monitoring, 15 sets of 24-hour TSP level monitoring, and 15 sets of noise monitoring were carried out during the reporting quarter. No exceedance of any of the monitoring data was recorded. No environmental complaints and notification of summons or prosecution were received during the second quarter.