A Joint User Complex and Wholesale Fish Market (WFM Complex) in Area 44 Tuen Mun is proposed to be designed and built by the Architectural Services Department on behalf of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, the Marine Department, the Home Affairs Department and the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of the Hong Kong SAR. The WFM Complex is to provide a permanent site for the relocation of the existing temporary wholesale fish market in Tuen Mun Area 27, to accommodate a Community Hall, a Dragon Boat Race Spectator Stand and other community facilities for public use. The proposed development is a 3-storey complex to accommodate a Wholesale Fish Market, a Public Toilet, a Refuse Collection Point and a Marine Refuse Collection Point at the ground floor, a Community Hall on the first floor, and a Dragon Boat Race Spectator Stand with landscaped deck on roof level. The proposed WFM Complex is categorised as a designated project under the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance (EIAO) and the Environmental Impact Assessment Report has been approved in year 2003 and an Environmental Permit (EP) has been issued by Environmental Protection Department in year 2007.


Under EP Condition 6.2, an internet website shall be set up and make available to the public all environmental monitoring data.